One way to be sure your wedding cake will taste delightful is to have the baker create a sample mini cake. This can cost a little more up front but will ensure you are getting the flavor and quality of cake you desire. Your guests are sure to appreciate this extra gesture when the actual wedding cake is served at the reception.

Wedding cakes can come in a variety of flavors: white angel cake, vanilla, chocolate, pound cake, strawberry, mango, amaretto, coconut, and numerous others. But the flavor of the actual cake bread isn't the only component to consider. There's also the icing and the filling. Wedding cake icing is generally a blend of confectioner’s sugar, shortening, food coloring, salt, vanilla and almond extract, or other components, but each baker has his own style of creating icing. That's why it is good to request a sample cake. The icing is the fondant of the cake and determines the shiny, satin look of the cake. Icing is also used to create designs and decorations on the cake, so it's very important to have delicious frosting that holds its flavor for many hours.

Wedding cake filling is used to help keep the layers of the cake together. You can choose from a variety of fillings such as custard, cream, mousse, or frosting. If you plan to host your wedding reception outdoors in warm weather, be sure to ask your cake baker what type of filling will work best for the conditions. The last thing you want is your wedding cake to fall or melt before the reception!

The good news is no matter what flavor or type of icing and filling you choose, these can be colored with food coloring and accented to fit the cake design you choose. Icing can be transformed into various colors to create lovely floral designs, pearls, ribbons, and other decorations on your cake to complete the picture. Also, the colors on the cake can easily be matched with the colors of your punch or other beverage, reception foods, and decoration colors around the venue.

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