Wedding Specials 2021

Wedding Specials 2020 / 2021.

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We do believe you plan your wedding within 2-6 months. We make planning your wedding so much easier with our online wedding planner, saving you precious time to focus on the special things that matter.

Please browse through our current specials, there are different venues that can host any weddings from 40 guests to 450 guests. You will fall in love with our venues and prices!

Ennyani Specials

40 - 80 Guests

Small Intimate Weddings

Ballroom Specials

60 - 250 Guests

Medium Sized Weddings

Sunset Specials

60 - 450 Guests

Larger Sized Weddings

Included in Specials:

Each special comes standard with a complete package that includes a 3 course meal, standard decor, barmen, wedding planner, DJ, wedding app, chapel, venue and more. You can view our full list of included items below.


Sometimes we have cancellations on prime wedding dates, so we will drop that price with a huge discount that still add all the bells and whistles of an "almost complete wedding package". You are getting more benefits for less.

You can plan your wedding within 2 - 6 months

With our online wedding portal, you have just saved yourself months of planning. We have taken all the enquiries of the brides and tailor made a wedding planner that will assist you to get your wedding planning done much quicker than the old conventional way. Simply login to the portal, set up your RSVP invites, Do your table Planning, Select your starters, main course and desserts, send gift store invites to guests with cash voucher options and you are ready for your special day!

Our in-house wedding planner will assist with all queries and give professional advice on your wedding planning.

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