Wedding Packages 2020 / 2021

All Inclusive Wedding Packages 2020 / 2021

When it comes to a wedding you will need a wedding venue, table settings, DJ, chapel, caterers, and many more, making it a very expensive celebration. Instead of finding each specialist individually and paying for them individually, a wedding package has most of the requirements and equipment included at a fixed rate.

We want to make sure your perfect day can happen in a budget that works for you. It is a very important step in your wedding planning to obtain the perfect package, therefore we strive to give you the best options when it comes to planning your wedding with affordable wedding packages.

Wedding Packages 2020

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Wedding Packages 2021

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Wedding Packages 2022

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Wedding Specials

Our specials have unique packages according to how much discount is given. You can view our current wedding specials.

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Benefits of fixed prices in our packages

At Makiti we have our prices fixed for 2 years. This means you can pay off your wedding over the months leading up to your wedding date. We do however require a deposit to book your date in advance. Fixed pricing also means that you will not get any surprises or extra expenses for items already included in your wedding package. That means no hidden costs.

Our packages include the following

  • Venue and chapel hire
  • Pre-reception area
  • 3 Course Buffet Menu included with the per-person price
  • In-House DJ
  • Professional Barmen
  • Coordinator
  • Wedding Planner
  • Standard décor items
  • Free Wedding Planner App
  • Bridal and honeymoon suite

Finding Affordability for a Wedding Event

Makiti provides affordable wedding packages offering everything you need to fulfill your vision of the perfect event. Not only do you save money by taking advantage of a packaged celebration, but you also save time. You can do all of your planning at one location, carefully selecting your color scheme, menu choices, and venue to match your idea of a dream wedding. You only have one company to pay, making it easier to keep your budget realistic.

Creating Your Own Wedding Package Online

Here at Makiti, we recognize the importance of streamlining the wedding planning process. After all, we want your special day to be memorable from the moment you begin to select your venue, arrangements, and menu. We offer a special online service that guides you in creating a personalized wedding package. You can even set up an RSVP service that your invited guests are going to love.

This wedding planner portal assists our couples in creating a package that delivers exactly what they want and needs. It's easy to use and simple to understand. All you need to begin is your cellphone number and a few hours of your time. If you are ready to plan the wedding of a lifetime, take a few minutes to explore our gorgeous venues and offerings.

Save using packages

You save hours of searching for caterers, DJs, florists, makeup artists, wedding planners, etc. You save money by only paying one company for their services and have the peace of mind that they are already specialists in their field and know how to give you your fairy tale wedding. You save even more when inflation goes up as prices are fixed for two years. You save yourself hours and months of stress about how to pay for your wedding as you have the option to pay it off per month.

If you are not interested in the standard items, we have more exclusive items such as decor, flowers, wedding cakes, tiffany chairs, menus, accommodation, offering you a complete wedding package.

The packages include a free online wedding planner app to help you with table layouts, rsvp, gifts, invoices, payments, food planners, upgrades and more.

Our Menus according to current packages

We cater according to our client’s tastes and needs and pride ourselves on our menu options which range from “Boere kos” to French Cuisine. Our specialized chefs prepare each of our menu options with attention to detail, flavour, and perfection. We also accommodate Halaal and Kosher functions, catering for everyone in our South African community

Winter wedding packages

Winter Wedding Packages

Are you afraid that you won’t be able to afford your dream wedding? You don’t have to worry anymore at Makiti our packages are even more affordable in the winter months because of the low demand of people who want to say I do in this cold but beautiful season. And if your concern is the cold, we supply each of the venues with standing heaters to keep you and your guest warm. Each venue has its coffee station that opens right after dessert is served. The coffee station is included in all packages.

Wedding stress is a lot less in the winter due to the calming weather and the price difference in venue rates. Planning an overseas honeymoon than a winter wedding is perfect because it may be cold here but on a romantic island somewhere over the sea awaits the perfect honeymoon weather.

Wedding planner app

Wedding Planner App wedding-planner

Our free wedding planner app can be a great help to reduce your wedding stress as a bride and groom. It also helps our wedding planner to learn more about your needs for the big day. You can change your table layouts, upgrade your current package, plan your menu, create and send out RSVPs, buy gifts, check invoices and do payments. The wedding planner is easy to use and takes away a lot of the wedding stress you may have about planning your big day.

Free Wedding Website

Wedding Planner Website Wedding Website

Get your free wedding website with gift store, accommodation, love stories and more.

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When deciding what packages are going to fit your need

At Makiti we want to make sure that you have the wedding you have always dreamed of. Choose a package according to your budget, the number of guests, requirements, likes, dislikes, style. All packages include our standard décor if you have other ideas of what you want your décor to look like we have exclusive décor options. There are lots of things to consider when choosing a wedding package so book a viewing with us and discuss your options.

Optional extras

  • Décor that is not part of the standard décor package
  • Your dream wedding cake made by your in-house baker
  • Flowers from our amazing florist
  • Cake Stands
  • Unity Candles

Back up plans for rain and power outages:

As a bride who has an outdoor wedding plan you may often wonder about what plans are in place if it starts to rain at Makiti we always make sure the indoor chapel is ready so if it rains your wedding won’t be over. Makiti also uses solar energy so that you don’t have to worry about power outages happing in the middle of your reception. To ensure that your car is in safe hands we have a guard at the gate, each venue has its parking area.

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