Wedding Packages From R340.00 p/p

Why we do Wedding Packages

As a bride you want the best available option for your wedding. At Makiti we realise that this is one of the most important and special days of your life. We want to ensure that your dreams are in line with your budget and your vision, making it a possibility. It is a very important step in your wedding planning to obtain the perfect package, therefore we strife to give you the best options when it comes to planning your wedding with affordable wedding packages.

You might have a lot of questions regarding a wedding package. Is it affordable, what do I save, Why fixed pricing and are there any specials? We would like to cater for all the questions you might have, so here are a few perks a wedding package includes for you.

ennyani venue

Ennyani Venue

40 - 80 Guests

Prices Starting from R340.00 p/p

ballroom wedding package

Ballroom Venue

40 - 250 Guests

Prices Starting from R340.00 p/p

Sunset Wedding Packages

Sunset Venue

40 - 450 Guests

Prices Starting from R340.00 p/p

Wedding Affordability

When it comes to a wedding you will need a wedding venue, table settings, DJ, chapel, caterers, and many more, making it a very expensive celebration. Instead of finding each specialist individually and paying for them individually, a wedding package has most of the requirements and equipment included at a fixed rate.

Benefits of fixed prices in our packages

At Makiti we have our prices fixed for 2 years. This means you can pay off your wedding over the months leading up to your wedding date. We do however require a deposit to book your date in advance. Fixed pricing also means that you will not get any unexpected surprises or extra expenses for items already included in your wedding package. Thus creating a more manageable budget for you. You still might ask what will I save.

You save hours of searching for caterers, DJ’s, florists, makeup artist, wedding planners, etc. You save money by only paying one company for their services and have the peace of mind that they are already specialists in their field and know how to give you your fairy tale wedding. You save even more when inflation goes up as prices are fixed for two years. You save yourself hours or months of stress about how to pay for your wedding as you have the option to pay it off per month.

Thus you don’t have to go and look for or pay separately for a DJ or a caterer or even a wedding planner with years of experience as we provide you with it all, included in our wedding packages.

Our Menus

We cater according to our client’s tastes and needs and pride ourselves on our menu options which range from “Boere kos” to French Cuisine. Our specialised chefs prepare each of our menu options with attention to detail, flavour and perfection. We also accommodate Halaal and Kosher functions, catering for everyone in our South African community.

Some of our packages are more affordable during the winter months of the year. We have also included some of the other month’s specials for you. All our wedding venues have special packages from Monday to Thursday where you do not pay for venue usage.

Your wedding is a day to be celebrated. Why not celebrate it within your budget by making use of a wedding package. It is stress free and affordable and includes almost everything you need to make your special day one of the most memorable one’s for you, your family and your friends. Be smart, be stress free and have the most magical day at affordable prices. We look forward to make your wedding day, special!

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