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Makiti specializes in creating unforgettable celebrations of the bridal couple's love. World-class wedding venues, gorgeous settings, and exquisite cuisine for a memorable event. We offer fixed prices, affordable wedding packages, a price calculator, and a budget planner to assist couples in making their dream wedding come true. Set your budget, explore your options, and select one of our affordable wedding packages for a truly romantic and personalized wedding. We are Sitauted between Johannesburg and pretoria, 10 min from muldersdrift.

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Makiti's unique wedding venues offer romantic, charming, and intimate settings designed to create memorable celebrations of the love and bliss embraced on a bridal couple's special wedding day. Whethe...

Sunset Wedding Reception Venue

Large venue to host up to 300 guests

Sunset Wedding Reception Venue

The Sunset venue provides a charming and spacious setting designed to accommodate as few as 60 guests or as many as 450 guests. Beautiful brick and wood blend with the crisp white drapes, tall ceiling, fireplaces, and sleeper bar to create the perfect moment.

Sunset Chapel

Sunset Wedding Chapel

Sunset is the perfect wedding chapel if you have all the ways dreamed of walking down the aisle and feeling like a princess. the bride takes her to walk down the aisle with all eyes on her. Chandeliers sparkle over her head as she makes her way down the red carpet. The foyer connects the chapel to the reception creating a charming and cozy atmosphere.

Ballroom Wedding Reception Venue

Medium size Venue to host up to 250 guests

Ballroom Wedding Reception Venue

The Ballroom venue offers a charmingly romantic setting that seats between 60 and 300 guests. Bright chandeliers and strands of glistening lights hanging from the rafters illuminate every corner of the room, while beautiful draperies soften the crisp lines of windows creating the perfect setting for a romantic evening filled with love.

Ballroom Wedding Chapel

Ballroom Wedding Chapel

A red carpet travels from the chapel's entrance, alongside the cushioned seating, and up to the front of the room, where everyone's eyes rest upon the happy couple. The foyer invites everyone to continue to the event space where laughter, love, and joy hold center court as the bride and groom share the next few hours with honored guests.

Small intimate wedding venue

Ennyani Wedding Venue

Small Intimate Weddings

Ennyani is perfect for a small intimate function venue. This venue might be small, but it has the biggest heart. The welcoming and cozy atmosphere of this venue encourages guests to mingle.

All eyes will be on the couple as they take their first dance as husband and wife. The bridal table creates a commanding presentation through its placement at the front of this wedding venue.

Ennyani Wedding Chapel

Ennyani Wedding Chapel

Glistening wood and colorful brick come together in this thatched wedding chapel to create the perfect intimate setting to celebrate the marriage of two amazing people.

As the bride makes her entrance into the chapel, a state-of-the-art PA system carries the sound of the church bells announcing her appearance to each of the guests and her future husband.

River Chapels

Outdoor Wedding Venues

River Chapels

The river chapel is the perfect setting for an outdoor wedding chapel with the trees surrounding you and the sound of the river flowing. It is the ideal place to say I do and start your new life with your partner in johannesburg.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

If you have an outdoor wedding ceremony, we have you covered. Each of our wedding venues has a river chapel near the venue so that you can have your outdoor wedding. If it starts to rain we can move your guests to the indoor chapel so that your special day can still take place.

Cheap Venues

When we say cheap venues we don't mean that you will get bad value for money. We can almost guarantee that our weddings are more affordable and cheaper than in most venues.

Our average weddings fall under the R400 - R800 p/p mark. That means you can get married for less and have more money to spend on your wedding dress, cakes, and wedding plans.

Winter Weddings

Winter Weddings

A winter wedding can be just romantic and beautiful as a spring or summer wedding. At Makiti we offer 3 stunning wedding venues, each venue has magnificent gardens that are perfect for pictures.

At Makiti our wedding venues are more affordable in the winter months because of the low demand for people wanting to get married. If you are concerned by the cold, we supply each of the venues with standing heaters to keep you and your guest warm.

Each venue has its coffee station that opens right after dessert is served. The coffee station is included at all the wedding venues.

Wedding Venue Specials

View our special offers online. Save up to 70% on our 2020 wedding specials. The best country venues in South Africa. Our prices start from R340.00 p/p.

A deposit of R3000 is all we expect so that we can save your wedding date the rest of the money can be paid off until the month of your wedding.

Weddings under R30000

We have all-inclusive wedding packages for the budget under R30000.00. You can get an average of 80-100 guest size wedding.

Wedding Packages

Affordability is important, especially when you are planning a wedding. Expenses can add up quickly. There's so much to pay for, including the cost of the venue, table settings, music, food, and drink. Choosing one of Makiti's wedding packages gives you access to affordable stress-free prices.

We realize the cost can escalate quickly and do everything possible to help our bridal couples maintain the ability to pay without sacrificing their fairy tale wedding. Our fixed pricing on our wedding packages delivers certainty of costs, reasonable expenses, and one-stop shopping.

You save time and money because we put together the DJ, caterers, florists, and specialists you need. We even offer budget planners, price calculators, payment plans, and fixed prices for two years to help keep the cost of the wedding affordable.

Last-Minute Wedding Packages

Looking for last-minute packages no need to worry we offer a wide range of specials starting from 10% and going all the way up to 70% off. Even with the discount, you can still get the full Makiti package so that you don't have to worry about finding a DJ, caters, barmen, coordinator or wedding planner everything will be provided.

No need to worry about spending all your savings on a deposit. A deposit of R3000.00 is expected to secure your wedding day and venue, you can also pay off your wedding month to month before your big day.

Budget Planner to Optimize Savings

Your wedding is likely to be the largest and most expensive party of your life. Even if you believe you are ready to pay for it, you may discover that all your choices come with a bigger price tag than you expected.

Using a budget planner can help you keep expenses in check while assisting you in making the perfect choice of a wedding package. Before you begin, you need to consider just how much money you are willing to spend on your big day.

While it does help to follow certain tips to keep your expenses reasonable, using a budget planner simplifies your task of finding affordability. Your calculations show you clearly how much you are going to spend, and our budget planner breaks your costs down into affordable monthly payments.

Accessing A Price Calculator

Our calculator adds your expenses for you, making it easy to see your total cost. If the price is outside of your budget, you can compare the cost of each venue or select a different month of the year.

Your price calculator helps you make your selections by comparing costs and finding the wedding package that fits in your budget. It minimizes stress as you customize your plans. You wont find greater prices in johannesburg for an all inclusive wedding package.

Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner

Our free wedding planner app can be a great help to reduce your wedding stress as a bride and groom. It also helps our wedding planner to learn more about your needs for the big day.

You can change your table layouts, upgrade your current package, plan your menu, create and send out RSVPs, buy gifts, check invoices and do payments.

The wedding planner is easy to use and takes away a lot of the stress you may have about planning your big day. You can change the guest capacity online from 40 - 300 guests.

Venues with Accommodation

Venues with Accommodation

Worried about were out of town guests will stay? Our country lodges situated on the premises can accommodate up to 90 guests with 22 double rooms and 2 large family units.

We have an onsite restaurant so before you leave to go on with your day sit down and have a relaxing breakfast with your family.

Picture-Perfect Wedding Spots

Photography Friendly Venues

The river meanders under big old trees and majestic cliffs that form the backdrop of our beautifully landscaped gardens making it a perfect country wedding location.

The lovely gardens offer tranquil photo spots, allowing the photographer to snap jaw-dropping photos to keep all the days of your life.

The perfect Wedding Location

Perfect Wedding Location

When it comes to planning your wedding, you might not know if you must choose your wedding location according to your venue or the other way around. Picking a wedding location should be a harder decision to make than choosing a wedding venue.

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